Silver Lining UV and light protection

For complete protection against ultraviolet and light penetration one can always add a layer of silver plastic material behind the curtains. The silver material can be added to any type of curtain whether pleated or otherwise, and is a popular item choice for Thai residential homes considering the hot weather of Bangkok.
Please visit our curtains shop in Pahurat (Indian Town) Bangkok to look for the designs and fabric patterns that you like. We offer a broad range of curtain materials from UV blocking material to extra width (seamless) curtains, and we offer a one stop shop service for all your curtain needs. Continue reading Silver Lining UV and light protection

Converting a Home into Your Dream Home with ATM Decor Curtains

We sell high quality curtain fabrics that range from the simple, basic designs to the fancy, colorful flowery patterns into your beautiful, dream home. We tailor them to frame perfectly to the windows and doors in your home. 

Here are some sample curtains in our shop.
Fabric Plus Co Ltd wholesales and retails curtain fabrics in Little India, Bangkok at factory, wholesale prices.

We specialize in curtain fabrics and tailor ‘made to measure’ curtains. We sell curtain fabrics of high quality that increase elements of charm and elegance to your home. Our curtain tailors are highly skilled with many years of professional experience and can custom make several types of curtains and designs to frame your windows perfectly. 

We offer several types of curtain fabrics including satin jacquard, cotton, blackout curtains, and blackout linings. We also have many types of sheers on offer from the plain off-white colored sheers to the fancy types with many features such as intricate laces and colorful designs. Our UV blocking curtains have a special UV-protection lining in between the fabrics making them invisible and also makes the curtain look beautiful from both sides. 

We offer a wide variety of curtain textures: some versions with low dust retention, plain color on one side, glossy with miniature designs on the other. We focus on the details that make your curtains stand out so that they add elegance and prestige to the appearance of your home. Our installation service is clean, fast and our staff are courteous. We always want you to have the best curtains. 

Our shop contains entire rolls of curtain fabrics that you can choose from, the shop is on Phahurat Road right across China World. Please visit us to view the wonderful selections we have on offer. 

Please be welcome to contact us at 02 223 4828 and we hope to be at your full service for all your curtain needs.

We focus on customer satisfaction with our products and services. We always choose high quality curtain equipment and materials for our curtains to make sure our customers are happy with our products and services.
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แผนที่ร้านผ้าม่านพาหุรัด ถนนพาหุรัด

แผนที่ผ้าม่านพาหุรัด แฟบริค พลัส (ATM Decor) ย่านพาหุรัด ร้านขายผ้าม่านอยู่ติดถนนพาหุรัด ตรงข้ามไชน่า เวิลด์ และอยู่ใกล้ ดิ โอลด์ สยาม และ อินเดีย เอ็มโพเรี่ยม ลูกค้าสามารถเดินทางจากถนนจักรเพชร ถนนบูรพา หรือ ถนนเจริญกรุง Continue reading แผนที่ร้านผ้าม่านพาหุรัด ถนนพาหุรัด