Curtains that Make your Home Appear Bigger and More Spacious

Great curtains can make the rooms in your house appear larger by making them appear to have more space than there actually is.The techniques to establish these kinds of optical effects are based on curtain colors, interior lighting, and interior design.
First of all, it is well documented from science that light colors make houses appear more spacious. The light colors of the curtains hanging inside the room reflect light
better than dark colored curtains. Bangkok residents also like using light colored curtains as they can understand the dynamics of how colors affect the space perception within their homes. In Bangkok, homeowners like to used gold colors, cream colors, and other light colors for their curtains. For the most spacious appearance, the light tone
colors of any color would be fine such as light cream, off-white, light green, light blue etc. Some homeowners prefer to use dark colored curtains as they prefer to have get more protection from the sun heat and radiation. It is true that even for the same materials and designs of curtains, using a darker color would offer more protection from the light of the sun. In Bangkok where the sun is shining brightly throughout the year, this function is important. However dark colored curtains would not give the same spacious optical perception that light colors do, and these trade offs have to be taken into consideration when choosing the colors of your curtains and sheers. Normally the sheers are an off-white color therefore they are already following the light color scheme, however the main curtains are more significant in making rooms appear bigger than they are. Lighter colored curtains maximize the effect of light and help the room
to appear larger and more inviting.

The lighting inside your rooms should also be used to assist the curtains in producing this optical technique. Brightly lit rooms create more reflections from the curtains thereby adding to this effect. During the morning and evening times, opening the curtains and only using sheers to cover the windows would help to bring some natural light into the room, adding to the overall lighting inside the house. In places where sunlight is not so bright, using lamps or more light fixtures may be necessary to increase brightness instead.

There are some other techniques unrelated to curtains or lighting that help to make your rooms appear more spacious. One of the important ones are to always keep your rooms tidy. Messiness makes rooms appear cramped, however neatness makes spaces appear more open. The floors should always be clear and uncluttered, the walls should also be minimally decorated in terms of pictures and paintings. The larger furniture should be placed up against the walls to open up walkways, they should also not block any view into a room. Using furniture with a similar color scheme to the walls and curtains help to make them blend and make rooms appear bigger.

Another technique is to use lots of mirrors inside the house. When strategically placed, they can give a great optical effect of making houses appear bigger. Mirrors amplify the light reflections off the curtains and walls.

Interior design can place an important role in magnifying the spaces within your homes, and it is important to consider them during decoration to ensure that spaces and visual perceptions are optimized for your comfort and well being. Curtains play a big role in this interior design as well as their colors help to maximize lighting reflections in the rooms and control natural lighting from the outside. Mirrors and furniture are also important for achieving this optical perception. These are all important because after all every one of us would love to make our homes appear more spacious and
comfortable for living. Continue reading Curtains that Make your Home Appear Bigger and More Spacious

Why choose ATM Decor for your curtains

What makes ATM Decor curtains stand out?
At ATM Decor, we focus on complete customer satisfaction with our products and services. We always choose high quality curtain equipment and materials for our curtains and we decorate your homes like they were our own. 

We offer many types of curtain fabrics and one of the main ones we use is the satin jacquard. Every satin jacquard roll at ATM Decor uses texture printing making the designs absolutely smooth, elegant, and stylish. The printing quality is of high standard and this makes our curtain designs look sharp, colorful, and attractive. Our curtains also have great durability in the Bangkok heat and resistance from ultraviolet radiation degradation so it is good for long term use in Bangkok. Our satin jacquard curtain fabrics are made of polyester which have the advantage of a very smooth, even surface, strong durability, and heat resilience. Its resilience to heat allows them not to contract, crease, or have its color diminished by the Bangkok sun radiation. Our cotton vintage designs are used for homes designed with a vintage concept. The curtain designs are full of colorful flowers and visually attractive backgrounds making them a perfect option for nature lovers and making your home look fresh, healthy, and youthful. Our UV blocking curtains are used for homes that are mostly heated throughout the year by the sun rays. Our UV blocking curtains have a special UV-protection lining in between the fabrics making them invisible and also makes the curtain look beautiful from both inside and outside the house. We use innovative technology that gives our curtains a double face beauty, or basically meaning that you can choose which side of the fabric you wish to use for your curtains because they can be used on both sides. Anyone looking into your home from outside your window can also see and appreciate the beauty of your curtains. Our UV curtains help you to save on electricity as it helps to keep the warm ultraviolet radiation from entering your home and helping the rooms in your house to remain cool throughout the day. Our UV curtain fabrics are thick, heavy, but at the same time flexible making them perfect for curtain use. The curtain fabric is especially resistant to ultraviolet light deterioration. We offer a variety of UV curtain fabrics from the shiny, glossy variety to the heavy, thick fabrics. The variety of curtain textures are also different as some types have low dust retention, plain color on one side, glossy with miniature designs on the other, while other types have a double face beauty feature which means they look beautiful in both sides. For those wanting simple, easily managed curtains the low dust retention kind are suitable while those who want their homes to look beautiful from both inside and outside may choose the double face beauty variety. We also have many types of sheers on offer from the plain off-white colored sheers to the fancy types with many features such as intricate laces and colorful designs. 

Having excellent fabric materials are not sufficient, however in order to have the best curtains the craftsmanship and technique must also be top notch. Here at ATM Decor, we have some of the most skilled tailors in the curtain industry and we make sure that the designs of your curtain fabric enhance the overall look of your home when adorning your windows. Our workmanship is strict and meticulous, and we always focus on the details that make our curtains stand out so that they add elegance and prestige to the appearance of your home. Our installation service is clean, fast and our staff are courteous. We always want you to have the best curtains that would give you complete satisfaction. Please be welcome to contact us at 02 223 4828 and we hope to be at your full service for all your curtain needs. Continue reading Why choose ATM Decor for your curtains