Picking Out the Best Curtain Fabrics for Your Home

Modern trends are moving towards do-it-yourself models of living. Do-it-yourself bags, furniture, clothes, and even curtains have become the norm. Instead of buying the curtains ready made or having them stitched by professional tailors, many people choose to buy curtain fabrics and make the curtains themselves. There are many good reasons for why do-it-yourself options are great especially in the case of curtains. Curtain fabric shops have a great variety of fabrics to choose from, and the best thing is all of these fabrics could be used to make curtains. Curtain fabrics come in all kinds and forms; they vary in features, weight, transparency, textures, and designs. The only thing they seem to share in common is that one could stitch curtains out of them and hang them over a window. The most convincing argument to go for do-it-yourself curtains is that you would get so many choices to make when selecting the fabric. Of course, the fact that you would choose to make do-it-yourself curtains in the first place is that you get the option to personalize the style that you wish your curtains to have. You can even choose multiple textures and designs for the same curtains and get really creative.

When picking out the fabrics at the curtain store, you have to consider several factors in deciding which ones fit most to your concept.The color and designs are only the beginning, you would have to touch the fabrics and get a feel of the texture. You also have to decide how hard or soft you want your curtains to feel, whether you want the fabrics to be heavy or light, rough or smooth etc. All of these factors affect how they drape over the windows in your home.
In general, the curtain fabrics that make the best finished products are the ones with the highest thread counts. The thread count in fabrics determine how durable they are as well as how heavy they are. Heavier curtains tend to drape better than the lighter ones composed of fabrics with lower thread count. Great curtain fabrics are the satin jacquard, linens, cotton, velvet etc. The satin jacquard variety is made from polyester which does not tend to hold on to dust, making them a good option for those would like the house cleaning to be easy. The velvet and cotton varieties tend to hold on to more dust, however they are also great options as well despite being more difficult to clean. The velvet fabric has a soft feel, and they exude an elegant appearance that symbolizes royalty. If you are hoping to give your home a more regal look, you could always go for velvet curtain fabrics. In Thailand, the silk curtain fabrics are popular as they are smooth and they also shine better than several other types curtain fabrics.

The curtain fabrics also have different functional features, some has a shiny texture and protects against ultraviolet radiation, while others may also share the UV protection layer but possesses a rugged texture. Even UV blocking curtains come in a variety of fabrics. Some curtain fabrics are shiny on one side while has a solid, non-shiny texture on the other, some fabrics are shiny on both sides, while others are not shiny on either side. Some fabrics have a smooth surface on one side and a rough exterior on the other etc. The thickness and weight of fabrics as well as its color determines how well they block out light. The UV protecting curtains are not necessarily completely light blocking as well, although they are still called “blackout curtains” in Thailand. Some curtain fabric shops refer to UV protecting curtain fabrics as “dim-outs” instead to make a distinct differentiation between the light blocking fabrics and the UV blocking ones. The darker color tones also help the fabrics to block out light better than the lighter color tones, even for the same type of curtain fabric. It is a good choice to go for the lighter colors when you want your homes to appear more spacious and voluminous, while it is better to choose the darker colors if you prefer to block out more sunlight.

The styles of curtains that you can make with “do-it-yourself” tailoring is numerous and infinite depending on your creativity. You could make some really exquisite curtain styles with laces, rings, and linings, and you also get to design the curtain headings and sheers. You could cut up different curtain fabrics and sew them together and create your own designs. The sky is the limit.

Do-it-yourself curtains are always a fun option for those who would like to get creative when getting curtains for their homes. There are a lot of fabric options to choose from and you also get to customize the curtains to whatever style you wish. At ATM Decor, we offer thousands of meters of curtain fabrics. All of them are available to buy at the meter at competitive prices. We are located right next to Phahurat road. Please contact us about our curtain fabrics at 02 223 4828.

We wholesale and retail a variety of curtain fabrics at competitive prices. We stock thousands of meters of curtain fabrics and provide a great range of choices for our customers to select from. We also offer tailoring and installation services as well. Continue reading Picking Out the Best Curtain Fabrics for Your Home

Using Blackout Curtains in Bangkok

Here is everything you need to know before switching from the existing curtains in your home to the modern ultraviolet protecting blackout curtains.
Too much sunlight coming through the windows can make your home furniture hot and can make you feel uncomfortable when using them for activities like working on a computer or watching the television. Not only does the sunlight make your chairs and tables hot, they also create glares in the computer and TV screens. It is therefore not a
surprise that many people living in Bangkok choose to furnish their windows with high quality curtains as they want the best protection from the sun rays and increased comfort living inside their homes. The sun light not only produces excessive heat and light, it also produces ultraviolet radiation which can be a detriment to the furniture and interior of your home as the sun rays pass through the windows during the hot afternoons.
Blackout curtains have improved throughout the years, from the plastic-texture polyester to a softer, more pliable texture that is comfortable to touch and is also less static-prone. With the modern technology enhancing curtain fabrics’ features, complete UV protection with the new textures has now become the norm in Bangkok. Many homeowners are changing their curtains and switching to use UV and light blocking curtains, also known as blackout curtains, as these types work better in hotter climates than the traditional, non UV-blocking ones. They last longer and they are more energy saving as they block out the heat more effectively thereby reducing your air conditioning needs. Some people in Bangkok are still attached to their current curtains but this is not a problem as well because you can turn them into blackout curtains by adding a UV protecting lining at the back. The blackout linings are normally used when homeowners decide to keep the existing curtains however for those who would like to change theirs, the option to buy standard curtains added with blackout lining would be more costly as the stitching costs of blackout linings are double that of the in-built blackout curtains. In both cases however, the benefits are the same as they preserve the condition of your interior furnishings and reduce the energy costs of cooling your home. The in-built UV blocking curtains are the more cost-effective solution of reducing solar heat and radiation as the tailoring cost is lower and it is no wonder that they are extremely popular among the people living here.
There are other benefits of switching to blackout curtains than reducing sun glares, heat, and radiation into your homes. The blackout curtains are more multi-layered than their traditional counterparts and they keep out the noise better. Noise disturbance reduces the comfort of living in your homes as you would get less brain rest during rest
hours, and less concentration during work hours or even watching the TV can be less fun with excessive noise in the background. It is well-documented among the science community that noise pollution can lead to many health problems such as fatigue, anxiety, and restlessness etc. Some of the blackout curtains are also easy to take care of as they do not hold on to dust so you wouldn’t have to constantly vacuum them. At ATM Decor, we have several designs of blackout curtain fabrics that control airborne dust and these ones are better for your health as they wouldn’t release a lot of dust when you are cleaning your home. Another factor that encourages people living in Bangkok to switch to blackout curtains is that they simply look great. Many of the blackout curtains have gorgeous designs and they can give any home an added element of elegance and glamour. The curtain fabric is of higher quality and its texture boosts the sharpness of colors and designs, creating more appeal than the traditional curtains. They are not only used for homes and offices, they are always used at the work places like media rooms and photography studios as they serve the purpose of complete light and shadow control. Blackout curtains come in all shapes and kinds, from the extremely professional, no-design look to the flowery, design filled kinds. They can also be used for all kinds of curtain styles from the classic triple pleated style, grommet tops to the modern eyelet models. The blackout fabric is remarkably versatile as technology in this fabric industry has come a long way.

At ATM Decor, we offer a great variety of energy-saving blackout curtains from the professional no-design features to the colorful, pattern filled look. We also offer a numerous styles that would be suitable for installation in your homes. We offer a complete solution to all your blackout curtain requirements, should you wish to keep your existing curtains you also get the option to get the blackout linings tailored into them. Please call us at 02 223 4828 for any questions about our blackout curtains and how we can be at your service. Continue reading Using Blackout Curtains in Bangkok