Why are Two Tone Curtains so Popular in Thailand?

Thai culture encompasses many aspects of life such as lifestyle, music, architecture, and even interior design. In Thailand, the trends of home decor and interior design has moved towards a more modern style which includes using curtains and furniture that have simple, basic colors and shapes. The popular curtains used are pleated curtains (three pinch pleated curtains) and the grommet curtains (eyelet curtains). Many also use simple Roman curtains for small or narrow windows and doors. The colors of curtains in modern designed homes are base colors like white, cream, earth tone colors, and other simple shades. The purpose for using these curtains are for mostly for function as Thailand is a hot tropical country with high levels of heat and humidity. In the contemporary concept, curtains are not supposed to be fancy or used for coloring the interiors of homes.
Nevertheless, many residents living in Thailand still prefer to use curtains in the traditional concept, which is to give color and atmosphere to homes. Curtains are essentially the face of the interior, their palette and style are highly influential towards the appearance of the home. Instead of giving in to the modern style of trying to blend the curtains in with the walls and window so that they are barely noticeable, they place a high emphasis on the importance of colors and layers in window treatments. Using sheers to add softness to the room atmosphere, using tab top curtains or grommet curtains to add fun and energy to the room, or simply using colors that are cool and calming to generate a peaceful, relaxing ambience are some examples of using curtains in the traditional concept.

Some people find choosing a single color for curtains to be a difficult task, as one color is limited in generating a lively, vibrant ambience to a home. Instead they prefer multi-colored curtains or the more common design of “two tone” colors which combines the dynamic chemistry between two palettes to produce a radiant, polychromatic appearance.  Two tone curtains are popular as they are generally more vibrant and less restricted than standard, single color curtains. The colors can be used to mix and match in a variety of ways to recreate the room atmosphere in the the desired effect. Examples of a two tone curtain palette include the colors brown and grey, red and gold, black and white, blue and silver, red and silver etc. These colors exude mood and character in their own way, however when combined with other colors, their qualities may complement to produce an aura that is aimed towards a specific effect such as royalty, romance, nature, country, fun, exoticism, tranquility, cute and sweet etc. Two tone curtains are highly effective ambience generators and they are especially useful when one single color is not enough to achieve the desired effect.

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Converting a Home into Your Dream Home with ATM Decor Curtains

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