Sukhumvit curtains and drapes installation at low, budget-friendly prices (Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok)

Sukhumvit curtains and drapes installation at low, budget-friendly prices with curtain shop ATM Decor.

Are you living in Sukhumvit and searching for a one-stop shop curtains service? We provide curtains installation in all areas of Sukhumvit, along the Sukhumvit BTS line and its surrounding areas, in low, budget-friendly prices. Fabric Plus Co Ltd (ATM Decor) supplies a variety of curtain fabrics for you to choose from: blackout curtains, dim-out curtains, sheer curtains, lace curtains, jacquard curtains, vintage design curtains, floral pattern curtains, we also sell upholstery fabrics. Fabric Plus Co Ltd solely offers custom make curtains, we do not make custom upholstery products, but we do offer custom curtain products as well as provide installation services in all districts of Sukhumvit. Our tailoring and installation services are top quality, we make good custom curtains tailored to the precise dimensions of the windows and doors in your house. Please visit us at our curtains store on Phahurat Road to view the curtain fabrics and textiles we have on offer and get the highest quality fabrics for making curtains at the lowest prices!

Please be welcome to ask us about our curtain fabric materials, tailoring, and installation services at Tel: 02 223 4828. We retail our curtain fabrics by the metre (meter) as well as wholesale by the rolls. We have a wide range of patterns and colors to suit every window treatment style for your home decor.

We always focus on customer satisfaction with our products and services. We supply many types of curtain fabrics including satin jacquard, cotton, blackout linings, blackout curtains, and sheers. We always couple high quality curtain equipment and textiles with top craftsmanship.

Here are some advantages of our curtain abrics

Stylish Designs: Smooth and elegant designs, style forward with trendy patterns and colors

Get the Best Curtains at the Lowest Prices: We provide the finishing touch to your home’s decor with high quality, budget-friendly curtains at the best prices in the market

Top Quality: High standard of weaving quality in the curtain cloth material

High Durability: Heat resilient

Two-Side Beauty Fabric: Our UV blocking curtains have a special UV-protection lining in between the fabrics making them invisible and also makes the curtain look beautiful from both sides

Low Electricity Cost: Our UV curtains help you to save on electricity as it helps to keep the warm ultraviolet radiation from entering your home and helping the rooms in your house to remain cool throughout the day.

Ultraviolet Radiation Resistant: We offer a variety of UV curtain fabrics from the shiny, glossy variety to the heavy, thick fabrics.

Wide Variety of Textures: We offer a variety of curtain textures: some with low dust retention, plain color on one side, glossy with miniature designs on the other

Wide Variety of Sheers: We also have many types of sheers on offer from the plain off-white colored sheers to the fancy types with many features such as intricate laces and colorful designs

Always Focused: We focus on the details that make our curtains stand out so that they add elegance and prestige to the appearance of your home

Courteous Team: Our installation service is clean, fast and our staff are courteous. We always want you to have the best curtains.

Top 3 Advantages of Using Blackout Curtains in Thailand

Living in Bangkok means living with the overpowering heat and the glaring sun light. Every time you step out of your house, it feels like an giant combat with the Thai scorching sun. A short five minute walk equals drenching perspiration. The first thing anybody wants after returning home is a refreshing shower and a comfy chair to settle down in and relax in a nice, comfortable atmosphere, away from all the unbearable heat and sun radiation. Blackout curtains provide the best solution to living a cool and pleasant life at home.

This is why blackout curtains are so popular in Thailand.

The primary purpose of installing blackout curtains is to help keep your home cool and maintain the indoor temperature from heating up. They act as the dual-function insulation device keeping the outside heat from entering in, and preventing the cool A/C air currents from escaping into the atmosphere outside.

When you are living indoors, normal curtains could not help maintain the cold air currents from your A/C from diffusing outside. Normal curtains do not have that tightly knitted black lining materials that blackout curtains have. However, please make sure that the blackout curtains are of a good and thick variety. Many curtains are sold under the name “blackout curtains” however like most products, they come in a variety of qualities and thicknesses. The thin varieties would not be able to block out the sun light as well as the thick varieties, so the name “blackout curtains” is not the ‘be all and end all’ of curtains. They only indicate that some blackout linings have been stitched within the curtain fabrics. To get the really high quality curtains, you have to make sure to touch and feel the fabric textures and test out the fabric against the light to measure the translucency of the curtains. Blackout curtains do not block out sun light 100%, some thin varieties only block out 60-70% of the light, the thicker varieties can block out more. To make sure you get a 100% sun light blocking quality, you could request for a silver black out lining to be added to your curtains. This way you would be sure that no light or heat is passing through your curtains during the afternoon heat.

Blackout curtains simply look awesome. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Some fabric designs have flowery patterns while others have more modern, simple patterns. A great number of black out curtains are made in simple, no design colors for customers who prefer curtains that way. I personally like some simple but nice looking patterns on my curtains. Some curtains look great with the diamond patterns while others look better on modern rectangle patterns.

Fabric Plus (ATM Decor brand) sells curtain fabrics and materials in wholesale prices. We offer many ranges of blackout curtain fabrics with many designs and colors. Our black-out featured curtain textiles range from the colorful, flowery patterns to the simple, plain colors. We offer the 2.80 meter width curtain materials so that the curtain fabrics can be stitched into seamless, better looking curtains. The 2.80 meter curtains make stitching curtains easier as you would not have to attach the fabrics together piece by piece, the width is usually used as the height of the made-to-measure curtains, and you would only need to buy the amount according to the width of your windows.

We welcome you to contact us at 02 223 4828, we hope to be at your full service for all your curtain needs.

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